William Lawes - Consorts à 5 & à6

Dhrupad Fantasia - A meeting of Elizabeth's I England and the dhrupad-tradition at the Moghul- court of Akbar the Great

Uday Bhawalkar & Hathor Consort

Dhrupad Fantasia from Romina Lischka on Vimeo.

'Animam gementem cano' with Pluto-ensemble of Marnix De Cat

trailer concert 9/2015:Tuma (Worldpremière) Stabat mater

Lachrimae - Seven Teares of John Dowland

choreography and dance Femke Gyselinck

LACHRIMAE or SEVEN TEARES from Robbrecht Desmet on Vimeo.

Romina Lischka